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Merton Giving Fund, Civic Pride, Small Grants.

Civic Pride, Small Grants

The Merton Giving Fund, in collaboration with Merton Council, is proud to introduce the Merton Giving Fund, Civic Pride Small Grants, aimed at bolstering the Voluntary and Community Sector.  As part of Merton Council's overarching Civic Pride funding initiative, our efforts align with the fourth theme, 'enabling system and place,' which will be effectively implemented through this fund. Together, we are committed to fostering a stronger, more vibrant community in Merton and supporting with the impact of the cost of living.

The Fund Aims To

Invest in and support Merton’s local voluntary and community infrastructure.
Nurture a strong sense of community and reduce inequalities.
Bring together preventative services that provide information, advice and support in the community to strengthen Merton residents’ physical, social, emotional, and economic resilience.
Drawing insights from reports including the 2021 State of the Sector Report and the BAME Impact Report, a critical challenge that smaller organisations face significant obstacles when competing for funding against larger local entities has been identified. In response, the Merton Giving Fund, Civic Pride Small Grants will support and develop Merton’s small volunteer and community led organisations, including diversity led groups through grant funding.


Applications are invited for work which seeks to support local residents through:
Building capacity and resilience within the Voluntary and Community Sector and local communities.
Addressing gaps in services and support available.
Supporting innovation and testing of new approaches.
Providing emergency assistance to support basic needs at point of crisis.
Via one or all of the following themes.
Financial Wellbeing.
Health and Wellbeing.
Food insecurity.

The specific aims of the small grants fund are to build capacity and resilience, address gaps in services and support available and support innovation and testing of new approaches and provide emergency assistance. This can be achieved either building on existing activity or launching new activity. Ideally the projects should be focused during a 6-month period starting in December 2023. However, we recognise that the nature of activity may vary so the funds could be spent over a shorter or longer time frame (over 1 year) to best achieve the intended outcomes.  Please note that applications for Emergency Assistance will need to be delivered within six months of the award.

Grants of up to £2,500 are available with priority being given to applications from smaller organisations with annual turnover of less than £25,000.  In certain cases where a compelling business case demonstrates clear and well-defined outcomes within the application, we may consider grant requests for slightly higher amounts.  The total fund available is approximately £90,000.

On the 12th October, two Meet the Funder workshops were held.  If you would like access to the recording, please email Merton Connected.

Who can apply?

Before applying, please ensure that your organisation and the work to be funded are eligible for the programme.

  • Organisations must be based in, or have a track record of delivering services in Merton, for the benefit of Merton residents.

  • Organisations must have an independent organisational bank account with at least two non-related signatories as well as a Trustee or Management Board signature which consists of at least three non-related members.

  • The following organisation types are eligible:
    • Registered Charity.
    • Registered Charity - Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO).
    • Registered Charity - Charitable Company (limited by guarantee).
    • Registered Charity - Unincorporated Organisation.
    • Registered Charity - Trust.
    • Community Interest Company.
    • Constituted, non-registered Group/Club/Society.

  • The following organisation types are not eligible:
    • Individuals.
    • Schools and Colleges.
    • Statutory Agencies e.g., Local Authorities, Health Authorities.
    • Corporations and profit-making organisations.


Fund launches: 17th October 2023.

Application deadline 13th November 2023.

Eligible and successfully completed applications received by the application deadline of 13th November 2023 will be put forward to a panel on 20th November 2023.

Decision letters, indicating the panel outcome, will be sent by the 24th November 2023, for services to receive funding at the end of November, subject to applicants providing all required information and documentation. Services can start to go live by 1st December 2023.

Please note that a portion of the funding in the Merton Giving Fund, Civic Pride Small Grants is specifically designated for support and services for adults. We aim to prioritise organisations with an annual turnover of less than £25,000 as this reflects 40% of our local organisations in Merton.

To Apply

Unfortunately our fund is now closed, we will announce our new fund details soon.