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Social Prescribing is a way to link patients in primary care with non-medical support within the community to improve health and well-being. The pandemic has exacerbated physical and mental health issues and has shown how important being outdoors is to people’s health as well as the inequality of access to green space. 

Green social prescribing specifically aims to provide avenues and opportunities to connect with nature and spend time outdoors. Greater access to, and doing activities in, green spaces is directly connected to better overall health and well-being.  

The London Borough of Merton has provided a fund of £67,000 aimed at designing and implementing a Green Social Prescribing programme for residents of Merton which will complement existing Social Prescribing provision. This will take the form of a small grants programme to local organisations for the development and piloting of green provision.


We are seeking applications for innovative pilot initiatives to provide the following types of nature-based services:

  • Horticultural projects, care farming, community gardening, food growing projects

  • Educational, cultural and social outdoor activities

  • Health and well-being outdoor activities such as green exercise e.g. walking for health schemes, active travel

Projects must embed well into existing services, local partnerships, community and voluntary groups, complementing, not competing, with existing services in the borough.

Delivery of successful pilot projects will be over the 9-month period to March 2023 taking advantage of, and focussing on, the initial summer period with some provision also taking place over winter 22/23.  The phasing and nature of delivery may alter throughout the period.  While pilot projects must be available to all age groups, they must consider the support needs of older people to access opportunities.  Projects must consider a digital offer to be inclusive.


Applications should aim to achieve the above through addressing at least one of the themes detailed below:

Physical and Mental Well-Being

Projects focussed around supporting residents to improve their physical and mental health and well-being through outdoor activities.

Connecting with Nature

Projects focussed around reconnection with nature and our green spaces and reducing inequalities of access to green spaces.

Connecting our Communities

Projects focussed around improving community well-being through better connectivity and cohesion with emphasis and focus on interactions between generations.

Who can apply?

We envisage most grants to be in the region of £5,000 - £7,500 but this is only indicative and we may award more or less.

Before applying, please ensure that your organisation and the work to be funded are eligible for this programme:

  • Organisations must be based in, or have a track record of delivering services in the London Borough of Merton.

  • Organisations must have an independent organisational bank account with at least two non-related signatories.

  • The green provision project for which you are applying for funding must be for the public benefit, conducted on a not-for-profit basis and be for the benefit of Merton residents.

Priority will be given to projects that support young people, adults and older people who have been affected by ill health since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

These individuals will be affected by poor physical and mental health, may also be isolated, living with a long-term condition, be obese or have been, and may still be, a carer. 

Priority will also be given to projects that focus on individuals suffering the greatest health inequalities and inequality in accessing green space and deliver a substantial part of their project in deprived areas of the borough. 

We actively encourage collaborative applications from different sectors e.g. health and environment.


Eligible and successfully completed applications must be received on Monday 13th June 2022 which will be considered by a panel on 6th July 2022.

To Apply

To submit an application to the Merton Giving Fund, Green Social Prescribing, please complete our online application form here.